You are so done with trying diets and protocols that promise to fix all your problems, only to become another failed New Year’s resolution.

You’ve tried everything under the sun to unlock the code of your body; your weight, your cravings, your bloating, your lack of energy, and *nothing* has worked for you. 

You feel like no matter how hard you try - You’re failing at this. 

Your insecurities are running the show, and it’s time to take that power back.

So, what can you do to get out of the never-ending spiral?

If you’re struggling with…

  • An “it’s complicated” relationship status with food and/or your body
  • Feeling like a hostage in your own body, a slave to the scale or “progress”
  • Feeling “out of control” with food or cravings
  • Figuring out what foods are right to eat for your body - Deep in the Nutrition Jungle™
  • Feeling like you’re lacking willpower and discipline to maintain the lifestyle you desire
  • Feeling like you’re constantly “on” or “off the wagon”
  • Feeling like the only way to be healthy is to keep Wellness Chasing™ and seeking for the 'right' protocol for you
  • Jumping on and off food protocols, detoxes, elimination diets or weight-loss focused programs

In Break the Diet Cycle™, there are no more “shoulds”, no more food guilt, no more yes/no foods lists and no more “falling off the wagon”.

Instead, Break the Diet Cycle™ will teach you…

  • To understand how you got into this spiral to begin with and what you can do right now to get out once and for all. 
  • How your “all in or all out” approach has been holding you back from true food and exercise peace. 
  • the skills you need release food guilt and body shame - from a body neutral perspective
  • how to call out diet culture advice versus neutral nutrition (Check out the entire section on Common Nutrition Myths!)
  • why doing every diet under the sun has made you sick and tired of feeling like you’re one diet away from your ideal body - and what you can do instead. 

The course includes::

  • Four deep dive modules with self-paced in-depth videos, podcast-style audio episodes, action guides and workshops within each topic
  • Exclusive access to Unlock Your Energy™, an hour-long neutral nutrition approach to optimizing your energy all day long.
  • Exclusive interview with therapist, Jenny Weinar, from Home Body Therapy diving deep into how perfectionism plays a major role in your relationship with food + exercise and how dieting negatively impacts your mental health.
  • Access and guidance to us (your fave non diet clinical nutritionists + body image coaches) in the private group for questions as you go through the course and beyond (because we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  • Community and support from womxn going through the same journey via our private clients-only group

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Want to check out what's inside?

  Foundations: Breaking up with Diet Culture 101
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days after you enroll
  Module 1: So we're not dieting...what do we do now?
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days after you enroll
  Module 2: De-Bunking Nutrition vs. Dieting Advice
Available in days
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  Module 3: The Shame Spiral & Binge-Restrict Cycle
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  Module 4: The #1 Thing Keeping You in the Diet Cycle
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  What comes next?
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Dana Monsees, MS, CNS, LDN and Cristina Hoyt, MS, CNS

Non-Diet Integrative Clinical Nutritionists and Body Image Coaches who have had their own "it's complicated" relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies. Until they realized it didn't have to be this way forever. They have worked with thousands of women through one-on-one sessions and group coaching programs on cultivating a more positive relationship with their body and food. Using their signature real talk, non-restrictive, no BS approach, Dana and Cristina will teach you to break the wheel of diet culture and the body image spiral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an intuitive eating course?

No, we touch on intuitive eating and a more mindful approach to eating, but this course is not a how- to in intuitive eating. This course is all about breaking the cycle of dieting, creating a reciprocal relationship between food and your body - a big part of that is learning the signals of the body. Intuitive eating is just the tip of the iceberg - this is a lifelong journey.   

Is this a nutrition course? 

No, this is not a traditional nutrition course telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This course is about opening the conversation to having space for all foods in your life. But, as part of opening up the dialogue for all foods, we do include an entire module dedicated to debunking nutrition myths, and another on figuring out what the heck to eat to feel your best with an evidence-based, non-diet approach. If you’re looking for eat this, not that and caloric intake, this course is not for you, but it can be if you’re open to learning a new way of approaching nutrition. 

Don’t I need to diet or control my food in order to be healthy? 

Heck no! This perpetuates the belief that in order to feel good about your body and self, you have to follow a specific, controlled diet for the rest of your life. Is that food freedom? No way. In the course, we teach you how to challenge this belief and how to actually improve your relationship with food and incorporate health-promoting behaviors - because dieting doesn’t own health. 

What if I want/need to lose weight for my health?

This course is not a weight loss program. We do understand that some participants may have the desire to lose weight for various reasons and this course addresses those concerns and desires. We actually have two entire Modules on this topic! If you want to learn more about our approach to this, we created a whole podcast episode for you that addresses this. Check it out here!