You don't need to "fix" or change your appearance to have more confidence and better body image.

We think we know what we “should” be doing to feel better about our bodies. So why is it so hard for us to stick to that plan...or even get started?

You've done all the things.

You’re following all of the IG accounts, reading the blogs, listening to the podcasts, and reading the books...

And yet, you’re still struggling to actually make this work.

You’re still struggling with the negative self-talk and Body Image Emergencies.

You’re still deep in the Body Image Spiral. what can you do about it, to get out of the spiral for good?

Introducing: The Body Image Audit™

where we'll teach you WHY you’re still so stuck in the spiral, what behaviors and beliefs are holding you back, and the HOW to go from body hate to body acceptance (without anyone telling you should lose weight to achieve it.).

If you’re struggling with…

  • Not being confident in your body and letting it dictate how you feel about yourself, what clothes you choose, and how you show up in the world leaving you feeling down.
  • Allowing the scale to dictate your self-esteem, what you’re “allowed” to eat or how you “should” be exercising has you struggling with how to move forward with a more positive mindset.
  • Feeling like you need to lose weight to be attractive enough to be respected
  • Comparing yourself to others and your younger/smaller/different-sized self leaving you chasing after a body ideal that you feel you constantly fail at achieving. 
  • Negative self talk and just feeling completely uncomfortable in your body and being unhappy with the way you look and feel. 
  • Feeling judged (or fearing judgment) for your body size.

Watch: The #1 Myth About Improving Your Body Image

The Body Image Audit™ is different. There are no more “shoulds”, no more “fixing” your body, no more “falling off the wagon” and feeling like you’ve failed.

The Body Image Audit™ will help you…

  • Understand how and why we’ve been taught that our bodies need “fixing” (they don’t)
  • Get to the root of your “food issues”
  • Get out of the all-in or all-out mentality
  • Stop hating your body so much every day
  • Stop feeling like you need to shrink yourself to be more attractive, respected, and valued
  • Learn to move towards body neutrality and respect 
  • Learn to accept your body now and learn to move forward with a more positive, healthy mindset

What you’ll learn::

  • How to go from Body Hate to Body Neutral (and why Body Positivity isn’t what you think it is)
  • The Body Image Spiral and why you’re stuck in it
  • Dive into your Inner Mean Girl and how she comes out in each topic
  • Learn to tap into your Inner Best Friend and how she gets out of the spiral long term
  • Debunk the biggest Body Image Myths
  • How to deal with a Body Image Emergency
  • How to develop long-term resilience to keep you from getting trapped in a Body Image Spiral over and over again 
  • Dive deep into the beliefs that are keeping you in the Body Image Spiral and how to challenge them

What it includes::

  • 5 Deep Dive Modules, including:
  • Topic One: Foundations - Sets the Stage of Why You’re Here and Debunk Body Image Myths
  • Topic Two: Comparison Trap & Social Media - Identifying your beliefs that keep you comparing yourself to others and How to Get out of the Cycle
  • Topic Three: Navigating Body Changes - Deep Dive into why Body Changes are so challenging and how to move through them with confidence and ease
  • Topic Four: Feeling Fat (Want to Lose Weight?) - Understanding that Fat isn’t a feeling at all, why we think we feel this way, and what you can do about it. 
  • Topic Five: Aesthetics & Beauty Standards- Why you’re so obsessed with your looks, fitness routines, and how they are holding you back from what you truly desire.
  • Self-paced in-depth videos, podcast-style audio episodes, action guides and workshops within each topic
  • Access and guidance to us (your fave nutritionists + body image coaches) in the private Facebook Group for questions as you go through the course and beyond (because we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  • Community and support from women going through the same journey via our private clients-only Facebook group

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  Foundations of the Body Image Audit
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  The Comparison Trap, Social Media, and Photos
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  Navigating Body Changes
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  Feeling Fat? Want to Lose Weight?
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  Aesthetics, Exercise, and Beauty Standards
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Dana Monsees, MS, CNS, LDN and Cristina Hoyt, MS

Non-Diet Integrative Clinical Nutritionists and Body Image Coaches who have had their own "it's complicated" relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies. Until they realized it didn't have to be this way forever. They have worked with thousands of women through one-on-one sessions and group coaching programs on cultivating a more positive relationship with their body and food. Using their signature real talk, non-restrictive, no BS approach, Dana and Cristina will teach you to break the wheel of diet culture and the body image spiral.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You guys give out a lot of free content on instagram, your podcast, etc. - how is this different? 

We do have a lot of content (thanks for noticing!) We consider that our pro bono work, but we also create that content so more people have access to it. We acknowledge that not everyone can afford to work with us individually or in our group coaching programs so our website, podcasts, and IG content is deep with resources because we want this message to be heard and applied around the world. But it’s hard to take that free content and turn it into action items that you can do on your own, which is what drove us to create this program. It's also largely conceptual because we can't go as deep and as targeted as we can in a 1x1 setting or in a program.The Body Image Audit™ builds upon the concepts you’ve seen on our pages, but goes about a thousand steps deeper and packed with action steps, workbooks, and exercises to help guide you through.

Don’t I need to change my body in order to improve my body image?

Heck no! This perpetuates the belief that in order to feel good about your body and self, you have to obtain a certain appearance ideal. In the course, we teach you how to challenge this belief and how to actually improve your body image - not how to change your body in the hope that it will “fix” your body image and self-esteem.

Doesn’t having a positive body image mean loving your body all of the time? 

Definitely not! In fact, this is one of the main myths that we bust during the Body Image Audit™ in the Foundations Module.  

What if I want/need to lose weight for my health?

This course is not a weight loss program. We do understand that some participants may have the desire to lose weight for various reasons and this course addresses those concerns and desires. We actually have two entire Modules on this topic! If you want to learn more about our approach to this, we created a whole podcast episode for you that addresses this. Check it out here!